About Vibe Yoga | FAQ

Q. I am new to yoga where do I begin?

A. The best class for beginners is Vinyasa Basics. Gentle Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes are also recommended for those new to yoga. Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class begins to create a profile or create one in advance at http://www.vibeyogaca.com/schedule. Feel free to contact the studio at vibe@vibeyogaca.com for more detailed help.

Q. Do you provide mats, towels, etc?

A. We highly recommend investing in your own mat for your consistent practice. However, if you do need to borrow a mat for any reason, we rent Manduka mats for $2/rental. You may also purchase a Manduka mat in our shop. Towels for class or showering after class are complimentary.

Q.  Are there any special yoga etiquette rules I need to be aware of, or studio policies I should know about?

A. Some clients are extremely sensitive to perfumes and other smells. We ask that you refrain from wearing any perfume, scented lotions and check your personal hygiene. This includes washing any yoga towels, mats, etc.

Additionally, we ask that you don’t bring your cell phone in to the studio room even on silent mode. Please leave it and any other personal items in the provided lockers or cubbies. Finally, please also remove your shoes before entering the studio.

Q.  If I am running late, can I still make it in to class?

A.  We request that you are in the practice room, with your mat down, no later than 10 minutes after a class begins.

Q.  Can I leave class before the end time?

A. Yes but we ask that this be an exception and that you inform the instructor that you need to leave early. Savasana, or final rest, gives your body a chance to absorb the benefits of your practice, and we strongly encourage you not to skip this important final pose.

Q. What classes are heated?

A. Most Power and all Hot Pilates classes are heated. Power classes range in temperature from 85-90 degrees. Hot Pilates classes are heated to 95 degrees. To confirm whether a particular class is heated or not, please check the online schedule you will see an ‘(H)’ in the class name.

Q. What is the minimum age my child can practice alone?

A. Children 14 years and over may practice in an adult class after they have earned the OM Yoga Badge. To earn the badge, they must complete three classes with the same instructor, and with their parent or guardian present. Children under 14 need to have a parent practicing with them in class. All children ages 18 and under must have a signed paper waiver on file at the front desk.

Q. Can I return merchandise?

A. Unfortunately merchandise cannot be returned but it can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase provided it is in its original packaging/condition and with the original receipt.

Q. Can I get a refund on a workshop?

A. If you cancel a workshop 24 hours or more in advance you can get credit to your VibeYoga account for a future workshop. If you cancel within 24 hours or don’t show, there are no refunds for the workshop. Please email vibe@vibeyogaca.com with any questions.