Urban Zen Assist 2 (1)

Urban Zen: The Nadis with Kirtan Smith 7/14

Urban Zen combines yoga therapy, reiki, essential oils, guided meditation, and breathing techniques. This layered experience creates a soothing balance of your bodies three major energy channels. We all experience different levels of... read more

More Than Just Asana with Shastri 7/16

Yoga is more than poses, it is the connection between mind and body. Come unravel the philosophy of yoga and apply it through exploring different postures. Shastri says that rationality is how the mind knows reality; and feeling in... read more

Sound Healing with Sharon & Jeff Dawson 7/22

Experience the synchronicity of yoga, sound, crystals and a healing touch! Sharon and Jeff Dawson guide you through a series of yoga poses designed to gently release soft tissue surrounding the muscles where tension and trauma are stored.... read more