Urban Zen: Lower Back with Kirtan Smith 10/20

The majority of Americans at some point suffer from lower-back pain. This Urban Zen workshop will examine some of the root cases for back pain, and cover the most effective poses and restorative set-ups to alleviate back pain. This... read more

Sound Healing with Sharon & Jeff Dawson 11/4

Experience the synchronicity of yoga, sound, crystals and a healing touch! Sharon and Jeff Dawson guide you through a series of yoga poses designed to gently release soft tissue surrounding the muscles where tension and trauma are stored.... read more

New Year’s Day Mala with Jenniferlyn Chiemingo

This is a celebratory devotion to your BEST SELF. Clear the pathways from the past and begin brand new. Using a Full Yoga Mala you will refresh, renew and let go. For centuries, Yogis have honored and given gratitude to the sun with Surya... read more