Whatever time of day you’re able to get away, you’ll find a unique way to challenge and refresh yourself in Vibe’s luxurious yoga studio. Our two practice rooms cater to all; offering engaging classes ranging from power yoga to restorative and yin.

10 minute Late Policy. We ask that you are in the practice room, with your mat down, no later than 10 minutes after a class begins and that you stay through Savasana.

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Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Mysore Self-Practice: Please enter the room anytime during the morning window as Mysore style Ashtanga classes are a self practice with each student doing the sequence most appropriate for their bodies and minds, gradually learning new postures over time. This guided self-practice allows a flexible start time and individual attention.

Deep Stretch: For many the biggest obstacle to a yoga class is lack of flexibility. This class will utilize some of the most effective mobility techniques to open the body into deep hip openers and spacious backbends. We will utilize long holds, breath awareness, and partner stretching to accelerate elongation of the soft tissue for added flexibility. This is not a flow class.

Fundamentals: Enjoy fundamentals of yoga with an explanation of the postures, including mindful breathing techniques. Class is conducted at a more relaxed pace.

Gentle: An introduction to basic yoga poses. The class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility. This class is for people new to yoga or those who are experiencing joint sensitivity, overall stiffness due to lack of activity or other physical limitations.

Hot Pilates: Train with a combination of Pilates principles and high-intensity interval training in a heated room. In this bootcamp like class, you will sweat, get a great workout and tone muscle. Come prepared to sweat to motivating music.

Kids Yoga: Unwind after the day and stretch and strengthen at the same time! We work on balance, breathing, and basic relaxation techniques, and play games that build dexterity and flexibility. Children have a chance to release the tension of the day and feel centered in their bodies before heading home. This class is for kids only and ages 5-8.

Power Yoga: Flow through a detoxifying sweat to inspiring music in this athletic and dynamic sequence of postures. The room may or may not be heated, check the schedule.

Power Yoga Strength and Stretch: This class is designed to take your flow to the next level with movements that will progress your handstand, arm balancing practice and other advanced power asanas. Through technical breakdowns, repetitive movements and yoga endurance training you’ll develop new muscle patterns, fine tine your muscle awareness and become stronger. This is not a flow class.

Restorative/Yin: Engage in a deeply relaxing approach to yoga. Props are used to facilitate deep release in the connective tissue and to calm the nervous system.

Baptiste Inspired Power: Invigorate your body in this athletic, Baptiste inspired flow practice with a set sequence of poses.The class will build internal heat, increase stamina, strength and flexibility as well as reduce stress. The class will be heated and taught without music. This class is great for those new to power yoga.

Vinyasa: Flow through poses and sequences, linking poses to breath to reveal body awareness, inner strength and gentle opening. Sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy.

Peak Power: Turn up the heat…turn up the volume…turn up the intensity! This 45-minute class incorporates the dynamic flow of a power vinyasa yoga class with HIIT (high-intensity interval training). We focus on increasing your heart rate and strengthening your core in this fast-paced class. You’ll get strength, cardio and stretch in just 45 minutes. This is an all-levels class, but knowledge of yoga poses is a plus.

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Please recognize that we reserve the right to turn away any students that do not comply with our business practices. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.